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Mother’s Day Special! Poem- Being my mom’s amigo #SaraReads #GratitudeDuringCovid

Mothers Day GratitudeDuringCovid stories for kids by kids

IN THE TIME OF CORONA: Being my Mom’s Amigo

I feel scared of this deadly virus,THE COVID 19 !


If infected, I will have to live in a hospital away from my loved ones which sends a shiver down my spine. Covered in needles and pins, my  every movement will be tracked by the doctors who are tirelessly working to find a cure. Of course, I fear death and I want to hang Corona virus to death!


Staying quarantined inside my house has made me feel different emotions, mostly frustration, fear and agony. I love my life and the people in it; so the thought of my loved ones or me getting affected scares me to death. 

Also, I feel bored at home because I miss my school, my friends and my teachers. It pains me that I cannot talk face to face or play with my peers as we only meet virtually over the online classes.


However, there is some happiness as well in being inside the house. I love being my mother’s sous chef and I feel elated when she says I am her amigo she always longed for. There is also a sense of achievement in doing my own things like making my bed, folding and arranging my clothes. And as I help her with chores like laying tables, picking up the dry clothes from the clothesline, I realize how much work she has to do.


This time alone has made me realize that it can be put to good use. During this lock down period, we can learn new things and nurture our hobbies like reading and drawing . Learning how to work in the kitchen, do things on our own without any help will make us more independent and self sufficient. 

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