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Mother’s Day Special! Poem-The world is better because of you! #GratitudeDuringCovid

Mothers Day Gratitude during covid Vansh

Ode to Mother


A being like no other

One capable of exuding so much love

So much inspiration to fly above

One capable of becoming equally as harsh


When your diligence and manners run scarce

As I wake up every morning,

My mom holds me close

Oh, I could enjoy this forever,

Alas, if only this moment forever froze

She lies there, a being infinitely wise

This feeling of warmth, it moistens my eyes


Years pass by, oh, there my youth goes

I’d never give up this feeling, her holding me close

The creator has created 

The perfect master plan

To run this world, on its own

Clan after clan


I’m part of this creation

As real as can be

Made possible by my mom

Who gave birth to me.


To her, I’m foolish

I am naughty and naive

Nevertheless, a part of her

Blessed to be alive

I may be annoying and childish

But my smarts are what mom gave me


I strive to be as infinitely selfless

As my mom, its epitome

I want to meet the creator

For them to feel the magnitude

Of, at being my mother’s son, my

unending gratitude


To all mothers, a Happy Mothers’ day

Achieving what you have I’ll never be able to

We dedicate to you this day

The world is better because of you.

7 Responses

  1. Shanti !!! Thanks Dear Vansh you have made me a proud grandparent, as Rev Usha, too would have been excited and thrilled to read your ‘beautiful poem’ on ‘our darling daughter’, in particular and, to all mother’s, on this day, in general. May God Almighty’s blessings be showered on you for now and in future too. I am sure, any Mother too would sum up humble prayers as; “Sugandhit ho jeevan tumhara,
    Taron ki chamak se sammilit ho jeevan tumhara,
    Har subah aisi aaye tumhare jeevan mein hazaar baar, baar baar,
    aur hum tumko Har din dey mubarak baad kehte rahen har pbaar – Continue having faith in God Almighty, your darling parents and ever smiling grandparents. Means have no fear as deserving fortunes will always knock at your door step. Prays URPM ♥️ Tathas Asthu Amen !!!

  2. Wow! Wonderful way to express the Love for his Mother. Fortunate are such Parents whoes Children are born with great Values. God bless him with lots of success and prosperity in every walk of life.

  3. Dear Vansh, You have taught me how gratitude can be paid to mothers. I wish my mother was alive. I would have stolen your words to pay my gratitude to her. And if she’s listening in the Heavens I would tell her mother, Vansh has taught me the life’s lesson. Stay blessed Vansh. You are lucky to have lovely parents and great grandparents. Keep this gratitude going and become unique. I am your grandfather’s friend. Romesh Raina. LOl.

  4. You have been extremely blessed to give words of expression to mother and child relation…..yes so many times we do not get a chance to convey our feelings through words and it is very true that mother is a blessing for all and this world is better because of her….very well portrayed budding poet

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