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Extra Chromosome, Extra-ordinary Love

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By Not That Different

What is the children's book 'Extra' about?

10-year-old Sara is off for summer vacation to her aunt’s house in Anjor, a sleepy but picturesque fishing village. But the vacation isn’t just a laze in the sand as she predicted when she and her cousins, Shreya and Noor discover an object that has been missing for millions of years – The Moon’s third eye. What happens next? Can the girls find a way to navigate through their differences? Will Shreya’s Down Syndrome slow them down or will it boost their chances of solving the mystery?

Meet the people behind the book

Shivani Dhillon storytelling on Extra book Down Syndrome

What: Listen to stories by Shivani Aunty Post. Post the session, send your own stories to which will be published by Bookosmia (smell of books) online.

For whom: For all kids and young adults above 8 years of age.

By whom: Shivani Dhillon is an award-winning social entrepreneur, an India Inclusion Summit Fellow,  Founder of Samvid Stories & Beyond and a professional storyteller

Where: Zoom| Click to register


Art and Photography Workshop Down Syndrome kids

What: Learn simple photography skills and have fun in this event by Jui Patravali. Post the session, send in your favourite photos with a caption to which will be published by Bookosmia (smell of books) online.

For whom: For all kids and young adults above 12 years of age.

By whom: Creative Coach and Photographer Jui Patravali.

Where: Click to register 

What: Listen in to a fun chat with siblings talking about what it is like to live with their DS sibling. From favourite activities together to  most annoying moments

For whom: For all

By whom: Prachi Deo is Founder, Nayi Disha and sister to an elder brother with DS

Where: Zoom link to register

What: 1 minute videos answering your most common questions on DS

For whom: For all

By whom: Bookosmian kids with Sara a question to Shivani Aunty who gives them simple answers

Where: Zoom link to register


Samvid is an organization that tells stories to anyone who wants to listen – children, teenagers, adults, professionals, teachers & corporates, specializing in working with people with intellectual disabilities and mental health issues.  It was started by Shivani Dhillon, the award -winning social entrepreneur and India Inclusion Summit Fellow.

Our book Extra would not have been possible without  Shivani’s mentorship.  

Down Syndrome Federation of India” (DSFI) is an organization that offers support to individuals with Down’s Syndrome and their families through various Down’s Syndrome Institutions across India. DSFI is registered with the Office of the State Commissioner for the Differently Abled, Government of Tamil Nadu under Section 52 of the Persons with Disabilities (Equal Opportunities, Protection of Rights and Full Participation) Act, 1995.

We are grateful to DFSI for sponsoring the Extra book for 100 schools in India. Know more about them here-


Nayi Disha Resource Centre is a non-profit organization, that provides information, peer-support and hope to families affected by intellectual and developmental disabilities such as Down Syndrome, Autism. We are delighted that they are leading participation for the fest from the

ir neurodiverse community.

Ishanya India Foundation (IIF) is a not-for-profit organization established in the year 2015 with the intention to train and empower persons with disabilities (PWDs). In the past few years, IIF has established itself as a renowned name in the disability sector by providing a wide range of services catering to individuals with different diagnoses and varied age groups. Click below to know more –

Two enterprising mothers of young adults with disabilities had a dream to create a space where other young adults could be empowered and lead independent, equipped lives. Based out of Pune, they created “Youngistan” in December 2019, a platform which encapsulates the energy and dynamism of youth. Club Youngistan, a virtual space, evolved out of the pandemic in July 2020. Through its sessions and workshops, it has now expanded into a diverse group of young learners and facilitators nurturing and learning together.

Know more about them here-

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