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An ‘Extra’ Special Art & Photography Workshop | Age 12+

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On 18th Mar’23 | 5-6pm | Zoom Chat | For 12+ year olds

EXTRA-special?? Oh yes!

Kids, join in for a fun art and photography session with your neurodiverse friends.

“Am I a creative person?”  “What do my photos say?” “Can I learn phone photography?”

Find answers to these and many other questions with our creative coach and photographer Jui Patravali AND get a copy free of the book,worth INR 359/- !

Watch out for the image prompt by Jui Patravali at the session and send your own stories to get published at Bookosmia!

Receive a certificate for being published!

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What is the story about?

10-year old Sara is off for summer vacation to her aunt’s house in Anjor, a sleepy but picturesque fishing village. But the vacation isn’t just a laze in the sand as she predicted when she and her cousins, Shreya and Noor discover an object that has been missing for millions of years – The Moon’s third eye. What happens next? Can the girls find a way to navigate through their differences ? Will Shreya’s Down Syndrome slow them down or will it boost their chances of solving the mystery?
Published by Bookosmia(Smell of books) under its imprint Not That Different Movement for children to embrace neurodiversity.


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