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Iksha Kalwal

7 Years

53 Years


‘Don’t you sneak away’ Story by 7 year old Iksha Kalwal from Pune

Read story for kids by kids on parental permission Bookosmia

Once upon a time, two good friends, Mouse and Rabbit, lived in the  countryside.


They loved playing games like Ludo, carrom board, and hopscotch. Mouse and Rabbit had another friend, Elephant. One morning, Mouse, Rabbit, and  Elephant were playing hopscotch.


After one game, Elephant asked, “Do you want to go for an adventure in the deep forest?”

Mouse was excited and ran to ask permission from Mama Mouse. Rabbit said,  “I know Mama Rabbit will not give me permission to go to the deep forest, so  I’m just not going to ask.”

After a while, Mouse came back with a sad face and said, “Guys I can’t go. Mama Mouse didn’t give me permission to go into the deep forest.”

Although Rabbit was sad that Mouse couldn’t go, he was excited to go for an  adventure with Elephant. “I am sure we will be back before sun down,” said Rabbit.

“Am I right?” Rabbit asked Elephant.


Elephant said, “Of course, my friend.”

So Rabbit and Elephant left for an adventure in the deep forest, but Mouse  was worried because Rabbit left without Mama Rabbit’s permission.

Rabbit and Elephant had a lot of fun while they were walking in the forest and lost track of time. The deep forest was always dark, so they didn’t realize when the sun went down, and it became night. After many hours, Rabbit asked  Elephant, “Is it night already?”

Elephant said, “Friend, it’s midnight. Good night!”

Rabbit was afraid and in tears, not knowing how he was going to get back  home. Rabbit started running from the forest. He ran and ran for hours, so  scared, until he could finally see his home in the distance, under the moonlight.


Rabbit started running faster than before and finally reached home. He  hugged Mama Rabbit tightly. “I am sorry! I will never sneak away to strange  places without your permission,” Rabbit apologized.


From then on, Rabbit said to everyone “Don’t you sneak away!

You should always get permission from your parents or family
before traveling to any strange place. It’s better to be safe than to be sorry!”

Read story for kids by kids on parental permission Bookosmia


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