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‘Wilderness’ Poem by 10 year old Bookosmian from Chennai

Read with Sara Poem by Deeksha S

The blazing sunrays shining on my face
The soft soothing breeze blowing me away

As I treaded on the withering leaves, it became a race.
Watching the dainty flowers bloom early in the morning
Everything froze oozing a tranquil feeling.

Plants waking up to the blissful morning breeze
Under the enchanting canopy of maple trees
Hues of green leaves whispering and inviting
I wander into the wilderness mesmerized and wanting
The voice in my head grew stronger and stronger.

I drank in the sight of the cascading waterfall
I heard the sweet chirpy tunes of the birdcall
I sensed the arrival of monsoon as the nightfall

It’s etched in my mind as clear as a sky
As I return to the city with a melancholy sigh
Craving for the short-lived tenderness
Carrying the winsome memories of the wilderness.


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