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Shreeda Thakkar

9 Years

53 Years

International School of Hannover region


Weekend Getaway – Visiting A Strawberry Farm | Bookosmia

Weekend getaway - Visiting a strawberry farm

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Nature with Sara stories for kids by Shreeda Germany BookosmiaHave you ever been to a farm? 9 year old Shreeda Thakkar, a Bookosmian from Hannover, Germany went to a strawberry farm and seems to have had a berry berry happy day!
She goes to International School, Hannover region.

I woke up in the morning I was so thrilled to skip to the strawberry farm and pick up some strawberries, my friends were coming too!

My parents and I took the train and then we jumped on the bus and we marched along the pathway for 10 minutes heading towards the farm. As we walked we saw beautiful trees and houses. Now we were on the bridge and we saw a strawberry on the path!

Weekend getaway - Visiting a strawberry farm

Finally we crossed the bridge and waited for my friends to come, but then I was bored and clicked some pictures of a strawberry cow and I even made a riddle out of it ” Who poops strawberry poop and gives us fresh strawberry milkshake?” and the answer is a strawberry cow.

Weekend getaway - Visiting a strawberry farm

I sat on the strawberry cow seat. It was quite hot.

I was patting a strawberry cow I wanted to hop on it but the cow was wobbling as it was not made out of strong material like wood.

Being with the cow was so fun even though it was not real. I wanted to pick the strawberries so I grabbed the two clean baskets and gave one to my mom and we started walking between the strawberry bushes to pick the strawberries.

Weekend getaway - Visiting a strawberry farm

I filled my basket with the strawberries and thought I had many but I looked in my basket there were very few and I looked at my mom’s basket it was full of them!

Look at the big juicy strawberries! There were so many strawberry bushes.

This is my basket but the good thing was it was empty so I could take more time and enjoy the strawberries and my mom was eating the strawberries then after some time she went back to play with my baby brother and talk with my dad.

Weekend getaway - Visiting a strawberry farm

I ate so many strawberries until my tummy was saying “I need no more”, hahaha! I was having lots of fun.

Finally, one of my friends came, his name was Arnav and couldn’t find any strawberries ( just like me) so l helped him out along with that we chatted through the way. After five minutes my other friend came, his name was Rohan. Soon all our baskets were full. Then we played so many games!

We were walking over the bridge and we finally reached to the bus stand and we were in the bus after couple of stops we hopped off and jumped on the train and finally we reached home.

My mom made strawberry jam and…

Weekend getaway - Visiting a strawberry farm

strawberry cake …….

Weekend getaway - Visiting a strawberry farm

and strawberry milkshake , l drank it all up .

They were all tasty.

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  1. Wish I could pick strawberries like this from a field and then enjoy yummy strawberry treats! Thanks for sharing your experience with us, Shreeda.

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