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Myra Ankareddi

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Chocolate Ideas – Cake, Icecream, Coffee And So Much More | Bookosmia

Chocolate ideas - Cake, icecream, coffee and so much more



Chocolate makes me so happy I feel like staying up all night,
Chocolate makes me so feather light.

Chocolate gets me creative,
It also makes me all talkative.

Chocolate is in a fountain at a gift shop in a hidden valley,
Chocolate is all over a store that sells colourful candy.

What about ice-creams, cakes, and coffee?
Don’t they have chocolate too?
Don’t forget the chocolate Easter eggs,
Best get some for your nephew!

Chocolate is so loved it even gets its own boutique,
It really is so very unique.

Chocolate on strawberries also tastes so good,
Eating them always lifts up my mood.

Oh! Chocolate factories with all the flavours abound, Caramel, dark, milk, white, and pink salt.
But what would happen if chocolate wasn’t around?

Global warming is making cocoa beans vanish,
Oh! What would happen when all our chocolates finish?


Chocolate ideas - Cake, icecream, coffee and so much more



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