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9 year old Neha S from Chennai shares the wonderful memory of a field trip from school, to a farm and her experience there. Dont miss this lovely walk through the farms. Neha is a student of N.S.N. Matriculation, Chennai


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It seems like a distant past but before COVID changed our lives, on a bright sunny day my school had planned for a trip to a farm.


I was stunned to see such a huge farm when I entered that place. My friends  and I were allowed to do ploughing, sowing, weeding and threshing. The field  owner was very friendly with us and he taught us what is ‘organic farming.’


The aunty and uncle who were working in the field, took us all around the field  and gave us an experience of what all farmers do in their day to day life. That  was the day we were let to walk in the sludge with the supervision of adults. I understood what all a farmer does to yield our everyday food.


After our learnings in the field, we were allowed to take bath in a big trough. After that we had a great meal sitting on the floor , eating in banana leaves. It was absolutely tasty.


After our lunch we had a ride in bullock cart and tractor to see the whole farm. I enjoyed the whole day thoroughly. I felt like a little farmer myself.


It was time to bid goodbye to the farm but we didn’t leave empty handed. While going home, they gave us a Tulsi plant and some radish from their field.

The whole day experience taught me that we must not waste our food at any  cost. I would also like to thank my school for giving me such a wonderful experience.

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