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IPL starting. Chips and Pepsi, please?|IPL 2020 | Sports

We have an RCB fan in the house! 8 year old Mahit Verma from Kolkata shares his excitement with the IPL kicking off. Its infectious! Read on.

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We belong to a land where CRICKET is synonymous to religion. Cricket is one language binding India.

And IPL being one of the most loved form.

In this pandemic, I was upset that it wont be hosted but much to my surprise it  began on 19th September. I experienced what they mean by happy tears!


Starting Saturday, here are some of the words which you’ll hear in my

“It’s a Six!”

“It’s a Four!”

“Oh No!”

“Don’t move from your place.”

“Chips and Pepsi, please?”


What is intriguing is how the team changes each season! New players come in, yet my loyalties lie with RCB- the team that I had met. My friends and I have  been maintaining the score sheet of our respective teams but this time as  RCB says, “The cup is ours!!”

Enthusiasm, cheerleading, music is at its best.. and I get to watch TV uninterrupted. Virat Kohli and AB De Villers are a treat to watch especially  their cover drive and sweeps.

The difference this time is they will be playing without a live audience in the stadium. But don’t worry! RCB our cheers from our homes will reach you for  sure.


With you always ! Lets get the CUP home!

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