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Summer Vacation At Grandpa’s Farm | Bookosmia

13 year old Saaketh KS, a Bookosmian from Bangalore is living it up at his grandpa’s lush farm in Kerala. What’s your most favourite place in the world? Tell us!


Summer vacation at grandpa’s farm

It’s a beautiful sunny day at grandpa’s farm. The grass is shiny from the rain last night, the trees are beautiful and have dew drops on their leaves.

My brothers and  I are because it is our summer holidays. My brothers are out playing dodgeball. Oh! I  forgot to introduce myself. I am Saaketh.K.S , a 13 year-old.


The farm has so many things to do – green grass to play in, a river to swim in, fruits to pluck and eat, trees to climb and a farmhouse. The farm has many animals like horses, cows, goats, sheep, dogs, cats, and clutch of hens and roosters.

Summer vacation at grandpa’s farm



My best friend among the animals is a horse named Bob. She is a one of a kind thorough-bred horse that saved three people from a fire. At the farmhouse, we get to eat lavish lunches made by my grandpa. We play cards also. Most days end with a pleasant walk down the river followed by a good night’s sleep.

Summer vacation at grandpa’s farm



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