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I am writing this short story of what I, as a child, see through my eyes.


This story is about the life of two friends and how one saves another.


Their names are Anna and Emily.


They both were excellent students and best friends too! They were loved by all of their teachers. But as they reached the 6th grade, things started to change.


Emily’s parents thought that she should start learning something new. Well it wasn’t only one! They started sending her to music class, abacus classes, piano classes, karate and tuitions. Emily was fed up. She wasn’t even allowed to play in the weekends!


After a month’s time, at school, Emily started to cry. Anna who was sitting next to her, calmed her down and asked her what her problem was.


Emily explained her problem and was still whining. Anna replied “Emily stop crying. I will come up with a solution.”



Anna was a budding young writer. She usually wrote articles for the school newspaper and she knew exactly what she was going to write for this month’s issue.


After a week, Emily came running into Anna’s home. She had a big bright smile on her face and she hugged Anna as tightly as she could.


“I don’t know what sort of magic you did but thank you so much, Anna!”

Anna winked at her and said, “That’s what friends are for!”

Can you guess what Anna wrote?

I am sure the answer to this question is in the story!

Parents should not dump their goals and desires onto their children and by doing so children would surely not be happy.

Parents do this thinking their children will be great. That’s just not true.

Children have their own goals and desires. They have to live for themselves.

In simple words what children want to be are children!






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