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Funny things parents say| Blog by Hrishita,8, Kolkata

Prepare to laugh – courtesy this hilarious blog by 8 year old Hrishita from Kolkata on funny things parents say. Have your parents also said something funny? Tell us!
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My parents say hilarious things. One day, my mother was very stressed and she said, “I think my head will burst like a volcano.” I started to laugh.

Sometimes when I don’t wake up from my sleep, my father tells me that all the fairies will come out of your dream by the time you wake up.

Sometimes when I watch too much TV, my mother says that your eyes will pop out and run away. I wonder how will it feel if this actually happens.

One day, I ate a lot of oranges. I didn’t notice that I ate the seed too. My grandmother told me that an orange tree will grow in my tummy. I was so scared that I stopped eating oranges since that day.

When my sister and I fight, my father says that you two are fighting like enemies and soon our house would turn into a battlefield.

I find these remarks very funny and I laugh at them. I try to use these remarks with my sister!


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