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Aashirya Saraogi

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What if India had never seen foreign invasions?| Blog by 8 year old Aashirya from Gurgaon

What if India had never seen foreign invasions? 8 year old Aashirya from Gurgaon has a lot of wonderful questions. What do you think?

India invasions bookosmia essay

I was reading a book on past Indian glory which made me wonder that what would our India be like if foreign rulers like Mughals, Khilji’s, Tughlaqs and British would not have invaded India?

 Would we be speaking English or Sanskrit, a Dravidian language or different regional languages ? Would we be using text books in school or Vedas and practical learnings with gurus in gurukul?

Would our Nalanda and Taxila still be top universities or would we chase after Oxford or Harvard? Would India still be a Vishwa guru in today’s world igniting the light of knowledge? Would India be the golden bird and owner of Kohinoor?

Would we still follow ayurvedic medicine or homeopathy and allopathy? If foreign invasion had not been in India, would we use clay utensils or would we have moved on to crockery? Would we be using ubtan or soap?

 I wish to find out answers on how India would have been if we had no foreign invasion

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