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Shrina Patel

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My Janmashtami Celebration | Blog by 11 year old Shrina from Kolkata

How did you celebrate Janmashtami ? 11 year old Shrina from Kolkata writes about her enthusiastic celebration in this blog.

Krishna Janmashtami - Happy birthday Kaana

Lights everywhere, colours all around…My parents told me that Janmashtami is a holiday. Not for going to the mall, but instead worshipping Lord Krishna. Do you know, this is an auspicious day as Little Krishna was born on this day?

This year on Janmashtami my family and I planned to celebrate it with a lot of enthusiasm, along with taking care of our environment . We celebrated Janmashtami in a unique way. We made an intricate rangoli with petals of multicoloured flowers.


It took hours for me to decorate the swing where Lord Krishna would be seated. In a flash, my mother set up the lights around. As for me, I decorated the rangoli by placing my animal toys onto it. Grandma carefully opened the fragile, small idol of Yashoda. Father opened the idols of Vasudeva and Devaki who were Krishna’s parents. Krishna was safe like in a cocoon with his dear parents.We tucked into the work with gusto.


Krishna is also known as Bal Gopal. Krishna loves ‘Maakhan Mishri’ so, instead of a birthday cake, I filled up the homemade maakhan into the handi with some mishri and I offered it to Lord Krishna. Finally, Krishna was placed on the beautiful swing which was attached with a string. I pulled the string to swing him. It was more fun than a barrel of monkeys.


Instead of happy birthday, we sang :

‘Nand gher aanand bhayi jai Kanhaiya Laalki,

Haati ghoda paalki.

Jai Yashoda laal ki.’

At last I prayed to lord Krishna that he helps to eradicate poverty and gives everyone the best of health.

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