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Ishita Achary

8 Years

53 Years

NSN Memorial Senior Secondary School


“I love to use Art to express my thoughts,”says 8 year old Ishita Achary from Chennai #ArtWithSara11

Art with Sara young Artist Ishita Chennai Bookosmia
Hello young artists, your friend Sara here! Welcome to my vibrant ‘Art with Sara’ section, where I publish the writings of young artists from across the world, who not only share their beautiful work, but also manage an equally challenging task of  ‘expressing their art.
Art with Sara Ishita Chennai Bookosmia

Here is some brilliant artwork and an an equally well thought write up by Ishita Achary from Chennai. Can you believe she is only 8 years old?



For me, art is a way of expressing my imaginations.

I love to play with colors on canvas to express my thoughts and art is the only way to do it. Hence, I love art.
Art with Sara young artist Ishita Bookosmia
During the lockdown period, I have watched the TV show “Shree Krishna” and it inspired me to create various paintings of Lord Krishna and Radha.

I do see photographs of Lord Krishna through various means and draw the painting in my own way and color patterns.

Art with Sara young Artist Ishita Chennai Bookosmia
There is always a hidden message behind my art work and it depends on the theme of paintings. This “Lord Radha-Krishna” painting tells the story of love and devotion of Radha towards Lord Krishna and the precious time they spent together.


I love to do abstract and composite style paintings. Paintings based on nature and natural objects are my cup of tea. I do face a bit of challenge while painting human faces. I am practicing trying various techniques to overcome this challenge.

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