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Corona Warriors of Gujarat- Essay

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Coronavirus is very unique. In this virus we have we have an enemy which is  invisible and sometimes deadly. Warriors are brave fighters who protect our society, city and country against any type of danger.


Today the danger is Coronavirus. It is the doctors, nurses, policeman, media,  army, sanitation workers, government employees, local store and grocery  owners who have put their lives at risk to protect and care for us. They are my ‘Corona Warriors.’


Among the front-line, corona warriors are those who deal with passengers arriving at SVPI Airport, Ahmedabad as well as IGI Airport, New Delhi. Officers  perform thermal scanning and face the passengers that involve high risk. A  small mistake could be dangerous for them and others.


The Corona Warriors from Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation are working full  time to keep the corona virus spread from entering the community  transmission. They are working hard to protect the senior citizens, poor and  young kids like me!


Ahmedabad Police is also working hard and keeping a watch on everyone who  is breaking the rules of lockdown. I saw a policeman flying drone above my  house a few times to keep a check on everyone. It made me feel happy and  secure.


The doctors at Civil and SVP Hospital in Ahmedabad work for 16- 18 hours  daily. In some hospitals they have run out of masks forcing doctors to examine and treat corona patients without adequate protection. These doctors, nurses  and paramedics are my real soldiers!


Our Prime Minister and Chief Minister had asked us to thank these corona virus warriors by clapping our hands, beating our plates and ringing our bells to boost their morale and salute their services. I have participated in all  these events sincerely and continue to pray for them as they fight for each one of us.

The heroism, dedication and selflessness of Corona Warriors allow the rest of us to feel at ease. We must give them all the support they need to do their  jobs, be safe and stay alive.


“Corona Warriors are at the front, fighting corona virus in Gujarat today. I  salute their bravery and resolve.”

Life post ‘Unlock Phase’
While the above was written during the lockdown phase, the below is written when our government announced the unlock phase. As corona virus continues to spread rapidly in India, it has left me clueless as to what exactly is happening and when will this crisis be over. All public spaces, schools and  colleges are shut.Many offices, hotels and restaurants are also shut. This has left many of us helpless. Borders stand shut. Flights have been cancelled.


But I am happy that my school has gone virtual. From morning to afternoon, I  attend my classes virtually, by just a click of a button. My normal day is filled  with activities and homework and after a few weeks I will also have my first  term evaluation. For first time, I will write my tests virtually. I am excited! So far  the experience is very good and I am learning so much from the digital rooms  of Zoom! Thank you, technology.

Nowadays, I enjoy science experiments and gardening in my free time. Seeing  my saplings grow -mango, lemon, pomegranate, papaya and drumsticks is  thrilling. My approach to meeting my friends has also changed, but I still play  with them every day wearing my mask and keeping a distance. Sometimes I  am bored with this virtual routine, but I remain positive and confident. When corona virus is over, we shall be free again. And our Corona Warriors can take the much needed and well deserved rest.

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