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The Day Krishna Knocked On My Door| Story by Mayuri, 7, Bangalore

Read this adorable story about Krishna by 7-year-old Mayuri from Bangalore.

Read with Sara Krishna story by Mayuri Bangalore Bookosmia

Knock knock at the door. Wow, Lord Krishna has come! It was a surprise for me because I never had God as a visitor before. I started churning butter while Lord Krishna asked me a few questions.


God: It is a beautiful home. How long have you stayed here ?

Me: Its just been about 3 months.

God: Is it too hot?

Me: No, not very!

God: Does it rain here heavily?

Me: Yes, it rains cats and dogs.

God: Do you go outdoors?

Me:Yes, I do, to play with my friends….


As we were chatting it was time for lunch. I did know what dishes he loved. I had made Puri, Laddoos,Kachoris with loads and loads of butter. As I served lunch, he was thrilled with all the dishes. He ate and ate and ate and ate. The dishes were all empty. Lord Krishna ate them all to his hearts content and stomach’s fill. We took a siesta. It was then time to play.

We played Chess,  Carrom and Ludo.

It was time for Krishna to go back home. He was pleased with me for being a nice host and he told me to ask for three wishes. 

My wishes were:

  1. I wanted my family to live in peace
  2. I wanted a pet falcon
  3. I wanted the falcon to talk like me.

Indeed it was a super duper awesome day!

Jai Shri Krishna.

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