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Small Things Lead to Victory | Poem by Varnika, 13, Kolkata

Varnika Rungta, a 13 year old from Kolkata writes a sweet poem of little things that matters to her.

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Small Things Lead to Victory 

For me to submit assignments on time is a victory.

 Listening to my mother for an entire week is a victory.

Studying alone is a victory. 

 To hear my grandmother’s praise is a victory. 

A positive comment from your teacher is a victory. 

 To stick to your schedule is a victory. 

Getting the grades you wanted is a victory. 

What if I’m not a good student?

Failing, but handling failure well in life is a victory.

To successfully complete your exams is a victory.

To not be reprimanded by your teacher is a victory. 

 For me knowing that my father is happy for me is a victory. 

A week of using fewer gadgets is a victory. 

Not to take too many medications is also a victory.

Small but action such as these for me counts nothing more than a victory.

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