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Shehryaar Zerdi

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The Battle For The Fishbowl | Story by Shehryaar, 13, Pune

Shehryaar, a 13-year-old from Pune, pens a captivating story featuring two fishes.

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Once upon a time, there was a man named Master Jim who loved animals. He lived with a dog named Zachery and a cat named Puffy. They both didn’t really get along together.

One early morning, he brought home a fantastic fish bowl with a big castle and lots of plants in it. There was a small common goldfish in it, with an orangish yellow body and tiny fins with bright, sparkling eyes. The fish swam in its bowl as Master Jim placed it on the living room’s center table. “Now Zach,” said the master, “keep a good watch on this fishbowl and ensure that neither Puffy nor any other cat comes close to it.” Zachary nodded and began marching from one side to the other. Suddenly, he noticed his dog’s food plate in the yard.

He rushed off to eat his breakfast. Puffy, who was hidden behind the curtains, noticed the fishbowl and crept up to it. He climbed up to the table and began staring at the fish. Zachary ran up to the table and pounced on Puffy, who scampered away. Zachary almost knocked over the fishbowl and caught it as it was about to fall to the floor. Just then, Master Jim burst through the door, smacked Zachary with his cane, and yelled,Bad, bad dog! Trying to eat that cute little fish!”


Zachary yowled in pain while Puffy watched from under the curtains, his eyes closed. Puffy walked out quietly after Zachary had been beaten, only to be spotted by Zachary, who began chasing him in retaliation.

The rivalry between Zach and Puffy continued with chases and mockeries. They even had a tussle, thinking the other wanted to harm the goldfish, until both of them went to their respective resting places to sleep. At the same time, Blackpaw, a grizzly old black street cat with shabby hair and unruly whiskers, crept into the house through the window. He couldn’t resist the temptation of the fishbowl and attempted to catch the goldfish. But Puffy intervened, and the chaos escalated. He darted at Blackpaw, and with a growl, he pounced on him, throwing him aback and forcing him to retreat.


All this commotion woke up Zachary, who thought it was Puffy trying to devour the goldfish. The two got involved in a fierce altercation. Taking advantage of the chaos, Blackpaw returned and began fiddling with the fishbowl. Zach ran to Blackpaw when he saw him. Blackpaw hit Zach with an umbrella, making him dizzy with stars in his head. Puffy and Blackpaw clashed. Puffy was trapped in a curtain by Blackpaw, but Puffy escaped and used the umbrella to scare Blackpaw. The fishbowl tipped over, spilling water on Zach and waking him up. The goldfish made it to the bottom. Zach pushed Blackpaw out the window with the umbrella. Blackpaw clung to the thorny bushes with his claws. He screamed and fled. Puffy closed the window on Blackpaw’s fingers, and he struggled to get his fingers out. He hurried home, and Puffy and Zach both watched him run away under the colorful evening sky.


Puffy and Zachary, reunited, calmly watching Blackpaw run away. While the goldfish was swimming in the fishbowl delightfully.

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