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Myrah Kathpalia

13 Years

Westwood Community High School

Fort McMurray

Toronto: A Mystical Place Where Dreams Come True| By Myrah

Myrah Kathpalia writes a heartfelt experience of her visit to Toronto, in this blog.

Toronto Travel Blog Bookosmia

Toronto, a city on Lake Ontario’s northern shore, is a mystical place where dreams come true.

The streets of Toronto are always alive, whether it’s freezing on a snowy day or scorching on a scorching day.It makes no difference. Every street corner in this city seems to have a story to tell.The shimmering water of the lakes reflects the lively spirit of the city.

The scent of freshly brewed coffee kept me going as I walked through the magical streets of this city, inspiring me to come here to study one day. There is something special about Toronto that inspires you to grow as a person.

As a result, I’ll never forget this incredible experience. Another thing I realised in Toronto is that everyone is a piece of the puzzle that makes the city shine.

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