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Unicorn party gone awry- Story

Read with Sara unicorn party Bookosmia

Once upon a time there was a unicorn named Samy who was very lonely. She  had six horns. She went to a university called Dagan university. One day, while she was hanging around with her only friend Mia, Samy fell into a big hole.

When she opened the eyes, she was lying on a flower bed, covered with all  sorts of flowers. There were some flowers that Samy had never seen. Samy  decided to explore where she was. It was a huge castle with a throne in the middle. The throne was gold plated with three gems in a gem holder. Samy  was mesmerized.

The castle was filled with chairs and tables. There were six thrones at the right corner of the room. After a while, came a beautiful  pink unicorn, with golden  beads and one magical horn.The unicorn introduced herself as Caldor.

Caldor went on talking but Samy was not listening as she was still in awe of Caldor. Few moments later Caldor finally got Samy’s attention. She said that  there was a big party at the castle today and she would love if Samy could  come. But there was one tiny problem – Samy did not have any party clothes  with her. So Caldor offered to share her clothes with Samy.The party was at 8  PM and it was already 7.30 PM. Few more minutes and the party would start. Samy saw all the beautifully dressed unicorns. There were some unique  unicorns like the ones who could change their shape, and few could freeze the things for few minutes, but in matter of horns Samy was the most special as  she had six horns. Everyone was having a jolly time when suddenly the lights
went off and everyone got very scared.


They started murmuring to each other that this might be one of the cities turn  offs. After a few moments, the fire alarm started to ring.Caldor rushed to  check if there was a real fire or its was just a false alarm. To Caldor’s shock, there was a real fire which was burning the entire ninth floor and was about to  reach the rooftop. All the unicorns had to evacuate there and then. Luckily  there was a unicorn,Delvin who had the powers to freeze anything. So he froze the fire (very bizarre). As all the unicorns pushed to an edge of the rooftop, the  floor started leaning towards one side because of their weight. The building was two thousand years old and there were more than 1000 unicorns, each weighing more than 40 kgs.


The fire had reached the rooftop as Delvin’s power only lasted for three minutes. Finally, Samy, Delvin and other unicorns managed to come out safely except Caldor. Being in charge of the whole castle, she could not leave until
everyone evacuated safely and as a result, she was now stuck on the roof top.

Samy asked Delvin to freeze the whole castle except her. She then went through the elevator on the rooftop. She knew she had very less time so she put Caldor on her back and ran as fast as she could to the elevator. By the time Delvin’s freezing powers were off, Caldor and Samy had made it. But Caldor was still unconscious. Samy and Delvin took Caldor to the hospital.


It took a while to find out what had happened to Caldor. The doctor confirmed  there was a minor damage in one of her body parts. Making ‘get well soon’ greeting cards everyday became a ritual for Samy. Once Caldor regained her  senses, she thanked Samy and Delvin whole heartedly for saving her life. And  after that they became the best trio ever and never left each other’s sides.

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