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Moksh Jain

13 Years

53 Years


Warring Aliens! Who will save the earth? Story

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In a faraway planet, lives a civilization that called themselves as humans and  they thought they were the smartest. Although the smartest, they didn’t even know that ‘builders,’ an alien specie can do anything.

“Hello, this is me, your robot. Here is some good news- I successfully found that aliens are real. I was saved by the scientists in Neptune.They charged me  up and gave me an interstellar level spaceship that could travel the  interplanetary distance in a second. I was so giddy with excitement that I put the wrong code and got stuck in this ugly and lousy planet. Soon I will be going back to earth but before I could the builders might reach, so I sent to earth a beacon to  send signals to the marvelous fantastic heroes of our solar system.  The  builders were the ones who had built the whole universe but they destroy  useless planets, solar systems and even black holes!”

Professor Moksh was confused. Should he be happy that his robot was able to  tour around and find the alien existence or should he be sad because his  ‘useless’ planet is going to get destroyed. He decided to use the beacon and when he pressed the button, “thud” he fell! 7 aliens popped out of the beacon’s sides but then he understood that they were the leaders of all the superhero  groups. (Pssst..avengers, anyone?)

He explained to them the problem and told them to come with their forces as  soon as possible. They all got to the moon and started looking everywhere for the Builders. After a while, heroes could see the Builder’s ship ready for a fight.
The Builders started shooting and their missiles were unstoppable .Finally the missiles got over.

The heroes attacked impressively and defeated the Builders. Suddenly they  saw the spaceship of Builders and they started laughing at them! “The reality bends to our knees.”


Professor Moksh sighed,“The reality had been warped to make us feel  over proud but now you will see what they can do.” The Builder shot missiles again  and as heroes were not ready, they got injured very badly.

When Professor Moksh saw the builders going over their limits he got very  angry and used his most powerful attack through which he could stop the time of the Builders by a snap of a finger and then create an elemental quantum black hole. This black hole can’t even be destroyed by the builders! It has tsunamis, volcanoes, star crashes landslides that no one can survive.

Now the crazy Builders would be able to do no more harm to the lives of the  other solar system. The aliens and Professor Moksh happily went back to their planets.

The ministers lauded Professor Moksh as they had seen the whole fight  through satellite and now Professor Moksh is made a member in  government’s team of scientists.

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