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Sahaj Patel

15 Years

53 Years

Delhi Public School


Barred Memories- Poem

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A wave of nostalgia hits over me,
Like a huge tornado.
Sitting in the front seat of the old, rusty van
Brings back memories long forgotten of
My childhood friend.
Our banter to decide who gets to
Sit at the window or
Who has to ask our driver for a treat.
Our small feet propped on the empty van’s window, waiting,
Waiting for the other kids to come.
Our spontaneous decisions whether we want go to our own house
Or the other’s.
But there came a time when we had to part,
You see, she had to leave,
Leave for another school and another friend.
We tried to keep up with each other,
But that wasn’t to happen.
Soon the phone calls stopped.
We were in short, separated.
Now she got new friends, new memories, new social life,
But once in a while when we meet,
We are able to laugh and talk
As if we never did miss a day.

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