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Who will defend the unicorns? | Story | Bookosmia

Unicorn story kids Bookosmia

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess whose name was Amaira. She lived in the kingdom of the Unicorn, which was the home of the unicorns who gave superhuman powers to the one who treated them nicely.

There was also an evil sorcerer living in the eastern part of the nearby kingdom of Magic. The kingdom of Magic was divided into two, east and west. East was evil and west was good. The head of the east, evil sorcerer lived in a palace and had a large army. He had a plan to take the kingdom’s unicorns.

He decided to swiftly march his army into the western parts of the kingdom where the unicorns lived and he would siege and capture it. Amaira had sent some spies to the evil sorcerer’s kingdom as she was suspicious that the army was along their border. She uncovered his plan and immediately set out with an army of ten thousand troops to defeat him.

As they reached the battlefield, the unicorns first used their super defensive power, which froze the enemy for half an hour. The princess and her army threw ponades (combination of harming potions and grenades), which devastated the evil sorcerer’s army. Only the evil sorcerer was left. He unfroze, and instantly, the princess’ 10,000 soldiers froze.

The princess fought against the sorcerer with all her might. The sorcerer fell down and admitted defeat. After that, the kingdom’s people (and unicorns), lived happily ever after.

Unicorn princess story Bookosmia

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