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The Strangest Dream- Poem

Read with Sara A strange Dream Poem Bookosmia

I saw the strangest dream yesterday,
It was not the normal kind.
TV’s were jumping and radios talking,
Like they had their own mind!


Fish were walking,
And mammals flying!
Sad emojis were happy,
And happy emojis crying!


When I looked down,
I didn’t see the ground like I normally would.
I was floating in the air as if gravity had no effect on me,
Like it normally should!


It seemed like
The whole world was upside down, it was
And I watched it all dumbfounded,
Not having the slightest clue of the cause!


I was a little confused,
When my mother woke me up that day.
She told me that I’d missed my bus,
And I didn’t know what to say!


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