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Somrita Bhattacharjya

9 Years

53 Years

Riverbank Public School


The Perfect Life- Poem

Read with Sara Bookosmia Gond painting

Ahh, this is life, but wait is it the perfect life?
I have no clue how this has left me blue,
I must know I will go.

Whereabouts should I seek? Far? Low? At the highest peak?
Please help, or I’ll yelp, I am willing to take a risk
Promise me you’ll hold my wrist.

Oh! someone help me, I need thee.
No wait , I will not be late, I’ll be there, and I swear,
It’s my journey, I am thirsty,
I will find the perfect life, and I’ll be concise.

Read with Sara Bookosmia Gond painting


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