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Suhani Jain

8 Years

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The divine dessert! Essay by 8 year old Suhani Jain from Delhi

Read with sara Divine dessert story for kids by kids with Bookosmia

It had been raining since early morning. I couldn’t play outdoors. In a grumpy and sad mood, I decided to read  my favourite book to make me feel better. I had just read a few pages, when I could smell the aroma of something baking in the oven.


The sweet smell spread all around the house, and I could not control my  excitement. I put my book aside and rushed down, to find a delicious looking cake and some cookies on the table. The house was decorated with colourful balloons and streamers. There were party hats for everyone and paper plates, and dessert spoons for everyone. I realized that I had completely forgotten it was my sisters birthday today!


I went looking for her and gave her a big hug and wished her a very happy  birthday. It was a surprise birthday party for her. It had been four months that we had not eaten a cake because we could not go out due to the pandemic. So, the day became all the more special. I wished so much that I should get the biggest piece!


After a while it was time to cut the cake. I decided to have the mouth watering  cookies first, that my aunt had baked. The cookies were still warm from the  oven and had caramelized almonds on the top with some peanut praline. The chocolate mousse on top was homemade and it was not sweet but savoury. The base was simply irresistible. What I loved about the cookies most, was that they were very crunchy.


Soon, it was time to cut the cake. The moment I had been waiting for all along. It was worth the wait, as the dessert was like nothing I have ever had before. It was soft at the top and crunchy at the bottom. It looked very pleasing to the  eyes. Everyone praised my aunt for treating us with such a  scrumptious cake.  It really made everyone’s day!  Also very beautifully decorated with colourful and delicious marshmallows. My aunt had use her blowtorch and burnt the little ends of the marshmallows. It  had mouth- watering home made vanilla and chocolate cream, unlike the store bought ones, and pop up candies.


It really must have been very hard work. It made a crackling sound when I dug my spoon in it. The first bite was luscious. Before I knew it, I had finished it all, and it was the last bite on my plate. I sure felt like having more. The last lick was the best, and I longed for when this dessert would be made next. Simply divine! It was the world’s best dessert!


I realized that small things like a dessert, can make you so happy and delighted, even if you are sad. I thanked everyone in my family for that wonderful evening in the pandemic.


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