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When I see him smile, I smile :) Story by 8 year old Krrish Mehra from Kolkata

Pet dog story by kids, for kids with Sara Bookosmia

I am a two year old pet puppy adopted by a teenager named Krrish. I have fluffy hair which  is very soft. I am myself, very soft and thin.


Krrish is very affectionate towards me. Even if I am troubling him at times, he still likes me. Most of the time, I go to the park to play to play fetch with Krrish. He has a bright smile on his face and I also have a bright smile when I see his face.


One day Krrish went to his school and he did not come back. I wondered why and started worrying. When he came back, I sneaked in to the back of the house to listen to what he is telling his parents. He came late because he had an extra guitar class in school. What a silly thing I was worried about!


When I saw him coming to the room, I loved to just see his face. I had missed
him so much!

I would like to be with him for a long, long time, jumping around and licking him all over his face and playing ball and going to the park for a stroll . It is just lovely being with him.


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