Md. Aaqib Khatibi

16 Years

53 Years

Sri Sankara Vidyalaya


“I dream to fly, like a bird set free”- Poem by 16 year old Md. Aaqib Khatibi from Bhilai, Chattisgarh

Free bird in the sky poem for kids by kids Bookosmia

In this long race of human nature, the flickering bulb once told me
There is always plenty for the wealthy, that sits on the throne.

Keep tears to yourself, they are worthless in the world you are in
Keep atrocities aside and disguised a smile for it.

Your love or hate does not matter. The cycle does continue
There is enough for them who actually love, but rarely do you.

I love all these masks, but not on my face over the emotions
I hope you can see through them all in our atrocities.

I dream to fly like a bird set free, on a beautiful sky over the head
But my world is so narrow and land ends in shallow dives.

It still worries a man like me, who wants to mold the world once again
Where the shallow ends in the large blue sky.


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