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11 Years

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NSN Memorial Senior Secondary School


Man is more important than an award- Story by 11 year old Vithesh. S from Chennai

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Once there was an Indian athlete called Hank, who used to run very fast. He was a nice human being with a good attitude.

There was an interesting incident that happened, when he participated in one
of international athletic race. There were five players in the race, including Hank. At the end of the game, there were three finalists. They were Hank, an  American and a Japanese athlete. The American athlete turned out to be a rude fellow, not bothered about others. He even pushed the running athletes  in the middle of the game.


The day came of the final race came. The gun sounded and they took off. Hank was coming first in the race, the Japanese athlete second and the American  athlete in the third position. Half way through the race, the American athlete pushed the Japanese, who got severely hurt. Hank saw this and started to run towards the Japanese athlete for helping him, leaving the American in the first place. Then, Hank carried the Japanese athlete to the finish point, letting the
him make it in the second place, while Hank himself came in the third place.


At the end of the game many reporters questioned him for letting the  American and and Japanese athletes to lead. Hank’s answer was, “Even thought he is my opponent,  he is a human. He was hurt and he needed help, so I helped him. Man is more important than an award.”



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