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The clever hummingbird | Story on team work by Aruna,10,Chennai

How does one defeat a much powerful enemy? 10-year-old Aruna from Chennai brings a powerful tale of animals working together.

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The clever hummingbird – Moral story about team work

Once upon a time, there lived many animals in a jungle. Among them was a leopard. Every day, he would hunt three animals to eat. After that, he would hunt more animals for fun. Many days passed but this routine continued. The animals were now terrified, for the leopard had hunted many of them.

​One day, a hummingbird came to the forest and saw many of the animals looking scared. She was new and did not know why. So, she asked them the reason. When they told her, she came up with a clever plan. She said, “When the leopard comes to hunt tomorrow, all of you pretend to talk about another strong leopard. Use your imagination to find appropriate words. I will then lead him to the cliff and tell him that the imaginary leopard lives at the bottom of the cliff. Thirsting for a good fight, he will jump off the cliff and perish.”

​The animals were pleased. They did exactly what they had planned and were rid of the leopard forever. All the animals thanked the hummingbird and lived happily ever after.


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