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The Sad King and His Caged Parrot| Story by Sanjana,10, Chennai

Inspiration comes from the most unusual places. 10-year-old S Sanjana from Chennai pens a beautiful tale of friendship between a king and his caged bird.
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Moral story for kids : THE SAD KING AND HIS CAGED PARROT
           Once upon a time, there lived a king of a small country. He loved his people and his country. Once, when he went on a tour to his neighbouring country, he was gifted a caged parrot.
The king appointed a trainer for the parrot to speak. Many days went by but the parrot did not speak. Even the royal princes tried to talk with the parrot, but the parrot did not speak a word.
       After two months, the king received a message from his minister that in a few days, his enemy will declare a war against his country. On hearing this, the king ordered his army to be ready for the war.
That night, the king was sitting sadly in his room by the side of the caged parrot and expressed his feelings of fear and concern about the upcoming war.
        On hearing this, the parrot for the first time, started speaking. The king was surprised and listened to the parrot.
The parrot said, “Don’t worry your Majesty, we are all gifted with great energy by God to find success in life so go ahead with courage. You will definitely win the war against your enemy king and you will save your country and people.”
Inspired by the confidence the parrot had on him, the king bravely fought and won the war against the enemy. The king came to the parrot, opened the cage and said, “My dear bird, as you said, I won the war and now you too are free to fly and reach the height of the sky. Be happy.”
The parrot said, “Thank you my Lord,” and flew away happily.

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