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Beck’s Petrel – Life In A Bird Sanctuary | Story by Riyaarth,7

Beck’s Petrel, a tiny bird lands in a zoo. Let’s read about its story, sent to us by 7 year old Riyaarth Saraogi

Bird watching - Beck Petrel - Life in a bird sanctuary

I am a Beck’s Petrel, a tiny bird from Ireland. I am a small bird with glossy brown upper body dark brown wings and a white belly. I am an endangered bird. I live in a small zoo in Manchester. I live in the bird section of zoo with few other winged creatures like owls, turkeys, eagles, parrots and peacocks.

There are two very popular birds here in the zoo, one is the peacock because of its beauty and me because I am endangered. But we are all friends. But did you know I wasn’t born here? How I landed here is also a tragic story.


Bird watching - Beck Petrel - Life in a bird sanctuary


I was born in a calm and quiet forest in Ireland. It was so beautiful there. There was a nice stream beside the tree on which my family lived. Once I was migrating with my family when a baseball game grabbed my attention. I was left behind and when I was searching for my parents, a baseball bat flung out of a player’s hand and hit me right on my head. I felt dizzy and tumbled down like a ball. I do not remember much. I woke up in a care center among some very nice caregivers. They looked after me.

After my recovery, I was put into a cage and that is when I realized I had landed in a zoo. After being caged I felt miserable and missed my family.


Bird watching - Beck Petrel - Life in a bird sanctuary


Slowly, I made friends and adjusted to the new life. I am quite fond of my popularity among visitors.
Life is somewhat comfortable as I do not have to hunt for my food, it comes to my cage. I do not have to be afraid of cats and snakes but I also miss my forest life. It was a fun filled free life with my family. I could fly to wherever I wanted. In the forest, I was free to make as many friends as I wanted to but here in the zoo, the choice is limited.
All the people, birds and animals are very kind here but can anyone ever take the place of family?
Bird watching - Beck Petrel - Life in a bird sanctuary


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