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Why is the Peacock our National Bird? Blog by Saatvika,7, Kolkata

Want to know about peacocks? 7-year-Saatvika from Kolkata tells us in this blog.

The lure of the extraordinary peacock

Peacocks are very beautiful. They are also known as the National Bird of India. Peacock is one of the national symbols of India. The scientific name of the Peacock is ‘Pavo Cristatus’.

Its face is is blue and it has colourful feathers which no bird has in the world. It can’t fly a lot but it can surely dance very beautifully. When it dances, some of its feathers fall on the ground.

Peacocks require a high-protein diet to keep their feathers healthy and they generally have strong appetites.The peacock is considered to be a bird of protection and safeguarding.

The peacock has a lot of significance in Indian mythology too. Lord Krishna wears the peacock feather on his crown. This is because his big brother Balram’s mother Rohini gifted a peacock feather to Krishna when he was young. Lord Karthikeya uses the peacock as his mode of travel.

The Indian Government declared the peacock as the National Bird of India on 26th of Jan, 1963. It was named as the National Bird of India because it is an auspicious animal that embodies our country’s fauna and has a long history of religious and legendary significance in Indian culture.

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