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Prisha Mehra

10 Years

53 Years

Modern High School for Girls


A Letter to Mother Nature | Poem by Prisha, 10, Kolkata

Climate change is a problem but there is still hope. Prisha Mehra, a 10-year-old from Kolkata, writes a letter to Mother Nature and hopes for a better tomorrow.

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A letter to Mother Nature


Oh, majestic Earth,

How serene you stand

Your vibrant, attractive flowers

Your deserts are filled with sand.


How I wish

Pristine, you’d become

Pollution and others

Come to a stop; the goal is done.


Oh! Enchanting your beauty

How jovial you are.

Never a dry leaf,

Never a dull star.


How idyllic your body

Would become for those

Who lives on other planets?

Sublime to them, the temptation to grab from you a rose.


How eternal your existence is now

Little by little, I give you a great bow.

For your lush forests,your crystal-clear seas

Your exquisite beauty consists of trees.


So all I wanted for you to know

Global warming shall stop; there’ll be snow.

You will be healthy again.

Not our loss, your gain


Dear Earth, I hope you feel

That we can surely conceal.

Your marks, your smoke, your diet, your smell

And then you’ll

go through an astounding spell!

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