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Dhruv Vinayak

10 Years

Deens Academy Gunjur


Dear Dadaji, Thanks for for your support | Letter by Dhruv,9

Have you ever written a letter to someone? 9-year-old Dhruv from Bangalore writes a sweet letter to his supporting grandfather.

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Dear Dadaji,


I love you so much that I cannot stop thinking about you. Do you remember the time when we played a ‘Business’ game?  We played till the end  until all the cards were over. I feel so great that you care for me and my baby sister Siri a lot.


I know you read all my articles published by Bookosmia. My article on Math and character sketch about Little Singham is already published. I have also written an autobiography of a puppy. I delivered a speech on the Leaning Tower of Pisa recently, which I am sure must have thrilled you. 


I feel so happy when you admire my work. I love you so much.

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