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Nitika Agarwal

11 Years

Vagdevi Vilas


Grandparents & great grandparents| Blog by Nitika,11,Bangalore

Nothing like pampering from grandparents, writes 11-year-old Nitika from Bangalore in this blog

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Grandparents are the ones who always help you in every difficulty. I have both sets of grandparents but the fun doubles when you have your great grandparents too. 


I call my maternal grandparents nani, nanu and paternal grandparents dadi, dadu. I visit them once a year just after my finals. They live in Tinsukia and Guwahati, cities in Assam. I always wait to go to Assam and meet my lovely grandparents. The day I reach there my grandparents start bringing gifts for me and if I ask them for 1 banana, I get 10 bananas! 


Six years back, I was the youngest among all my paternal and maternal cousins and used to get pampered every moment but in the past 5 years, after the birth of my younger sibling and my 3 cousins, I am no longer the youngest child in my family but I know their love toward me won’t decrease anytime.


My paternal grandparents had come to Bangalore before covid so one day I asked them if they would play catch-catch with me and my friends. I was shocked seeing them playing and running so actively with us. I am very lucky to have such active grandparents.

granparents dada dadi kids blog bookosmia


My maternal grandparents teach me valuable lessons every time I visit them. Once I start talking to them, I don’t feel like stopping and I am pampered by them whenever I visit them.


I am the fourth generation in my family. I have my great grandparents too. They live in a small house in a village in Assam. They do all their work on their own. My great grandmother makes amazing food and my great grandfather runs a shop where he sells routine items but unfortunately in the past one year my grandfather has been unable to hear properly. 

great grandparents kids bookosmia


I love all my grandparents and great grandparents dearly. 

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