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Zoos- Places for Excursion or Jail? Opinion by Aryaveer,11

Are zoos just a place for fun? 11 year-old Aryaveer from Delhi writes about zoos and the many problems they cause for animals.

Animal story - The zoo’s missing rhino

A zoo is a place where many birds and animals are kept. It is a place meant for tourist attraction where people come to see different types of animals. Despite the fact that going to the zoo for entertainment is enjoyable for us, it also serves as a jail for birds and animals.

When the animals are in the national parks and wildlife sanctuaries, they stay with their families and friends, but in the zoo, they are separated from the ones close to them. Because of their confinement in cages, the animals and birds are also unable to move around as they choose. Because they have little room to move about and wander, animals become sick when they are kept in cages for an extended period of time. Also, some people bother sleeping animals by teasing and disturbing them.

Being in a zoo, animals also get a limited amount of food, just like people in prison, which makes the zoo a prison-like place for all animals and wildlife. For instance, a lion is known for its hunting propensity and being in a zoo, it cannot hunt for its own food; the cheetah is known as a very fast animal and staying in a cage makes the cheetah lose the need to run.

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Thus, while the zoo is fun and adventurous for us to visit as human beings, but it is a pain for the animals that are made to live there.

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