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Math phobia? Don’t worry| Blog by Samriddha,10, Kolkata

Mathematics – yay or nay? 10-year-old Samriddha from Kolkata has some reassuring words for those who find the subject difficult.
Math - Loves me, loves me not

Maths can be scary to some but the subject is not so terrible that it can gobble you down! Think of the numbers as friends – they are always happy to teach us new stuff about themselves but we don’t understand their feelings and consider them as spooky monsters.

Take a moment to think about where maths is used. Starting from tiny shops where calculators and weight machines are used to all the massive places such as hospitals, malls and also space centers (NASA & ISRO).  People are afraid of them due to their formulae I guess but what if we think of them as tricks? We all have seen magic, haven’t we? But what do the magicians really do? They apply tricks! And that is all we need to do while solving math problems. If you begin to follow the little tricks, you’ll certainly master them and the numbers will become your friends.

So, forget all your math fears and start a whole new journey with them. Who knows what your future will hold for you? Maybe you could be a Mathematician one day?

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