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Kavya Joshi

5 Years

53 Years


‘Love and Kindness are never wasted’ by 5 year old Kavya Joshi from Mumbai Tangram Activities With Sara #29

Tangrams with Sara Kavya Bookosmia

Hello Tangram stars, Sara here!  Kindness doesnt take much and gives back a lot in return.

Tangram stories with Sara young writer Kavya BookosmiaHere is a lovely story, by 5 year old Kavya Joshi from Mumbai, of Little Readers Nook. Do you have your own stories to share?Send it to me at



Once upon a time, a beautiful girl named Karishma lived in a small bungalow with her parents.

Every morning, she drank a glass of warm milk in her porch.
One day, a dog sat at the gate and looked at her glass of milk.


She quickly ran into the kitchen and brought a roti. She opened the gate and fed it to the hungry dog.

Next day again, the same thing happened. The dog sat at the gate and looked at her. She brought a roti and fed him.
Thus, she started giving a roti to the dog everyday.


Tangrams with Sara Kavya Bookosmia One night, a thief tried to enter her bungalow.  On seeing the thief, the dog quickly ran towards him and bit him very hard on his right leg.

The thief got hurt and ran away from there.

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