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Read with Sara: Poem- Cousin, A bond that is forever #Cousins Day

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A heart as dear as yours

A soul never leaving your side.

A person who has all the cures

And a bond that has never died.


The bond is for ever

Inching forwards every second,

Carefully woven together 

Every memory strengthening the present. 


All the times we have spent together

Never letting anyone separate us,

Not even a thing as small as a feather 

Always having a shoulder to cry on.


Always a friend to laugh with

You are way more than just my cousin,

Maybe a sincere buddy if I could say

Even though I might not always tell you.


You have secured a place

Deep down inside,

Where I feel blessed

To have someone like you.


Even though we fight

We always solve the issue,

À sorry, 

Or forgive me 

Solves everything.


A person whom I met

And whom I shall never forget,

Through the thick and thin

Have you been by my side.


Through the highs and lows

Have you accompanied me,

Turning the glumness on my face

Into a smile with a grace.


Vanishing anger

So that I can see it no longer,

All that’s present is kindness 

Traveling from one heart to another.


All that’s visible is generosity

The willingness to give others,

All I can see is harmony 

Without any absurdity.


Thank you dear cousin, for being with me

Thank you dear cousin, for helping me

A true blessing from god you are.

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