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Read with Sara: Poem-What a girl can do!

SaraReads GratitudeDuringCovid young author Ruja anand

Oh! You wonder what a girl can do?

Trust me, you don’t have a clue.


She can move mountains for you,

But drop them on your head if you insult her while she’s feeling blue.


She’s a sister, best friend and a daughter too,

And she makes everyone happy just by helping in everything you do.


She has big dreams and would do everything to make them come true,

She works hard and believes in not standing in a queue.


Because they are her dreams, which you can’t subdue,

And if you don’t let her, she’s not afraid to assemble a crew.


She has people who have her back,

They stick with each other and are ready for any attack.


You think she just gossips and shops,

Really? She’s the first one that tries again when her idea flops.


Be it the track, study lab or the tech room,

She will do the best whatever dangers may loom.


So don’t you underestimate what a girl can do,

Because you really don’t have a clue.

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