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Batul Sarela

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Read with Sara:Story-Wait, this doesnt feel like a curse!

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We all have a dream to go deep down in the ocean and see lots of new things  in our life. In the same way a boy named Albert had the same dream.


He was not rich but he was keen to learn new things and have new experiences. As years passed he got busy in his shop and he almost gave up
on his dreams, until one day a witch appeared and asked him what he wanted. She said only a few good people would be able to see her.


Albert immediately told her about his ocean dream but also said that he did not believe in witches. The witch got angry and sent him to the ocean forever as a curse.


He couldn’t believe what an amiable and adventurous place the deep ocean was. It didn’t feel like a curse. He had seen an achromatic fish, a spined fish  and a bonny mermaid. He felt like he belonged. Soon, he married a girl
named Anena. She was kind. He lived happily.


One day when Albert was going through a school of clown fish, he got lost in the middle of the ocean. He had entered a section he shouldn’t have. He did not  know where he was and he was all alone. Suddenly, a purple smoke came up. It was the witch who had sent him there.


She was surprised to see how well he had adjusted there and gave him a wand, 1000 gold coins and a beautiful dress for his wife. The witch also sent him back home and removed her curse.


As Albert returned home, he saw his parents standing at the door. He was so happy that he had tears of joy and hugged them. Again days passed and he
had a strange feeling!


He was missing the ocean! He used to think earth was his home but now he  wanted to go back. Albert went to the edge of the ocean.

He had a difficult  decision to make.

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