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Read With Sara: Essay- Who is my mother?

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Who is my mother?

I have a lot of mothers.

The air around me, always with me keeping me alive to each and every moment?

Or my mother ground who gives me place to stand, live, stay and so much more?

Mother water who keeps me alive and my friends, fishes and sharks alive too?

Or the mothers mentioned in our religious texts- Maa Durga , Mother Mary et al?


Who is my mother? The one common theme through all the examples above and my own mother- she is the one who is there with me all the time and who is the most selfless.


My mother –  she is a selfless person we can always turn toward, who may have  sacrificed a lot but never got to know how important she was, who might be making  delicious food for us or working today so that we can eat tomorrow.


We never look at her and talk to her on what she wanted or how she was. The  most we did was click a photograph with our mother and post it on our social media accounts on mother’s day.



Our mothers are our everything who taught us to eat, laugh, run and at one  stage fly but why can’t we just sit and tell her how important she is and  that without her we our nothing but we are incomplete without any of our mother.

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