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Sedoka Poems| By Pranavi ,14, Bangalore

Ever come across a sedoka? 14-year-old Pranavi from Bangalore writes two poems in the sedoka form, a Japanese form similar to, but slightly different from the haiku.

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The sedoka is a Japanese poem form inspired by the traditions of the katuata and mondo. Structurally each verse is similar to a haiku, at least to Western eyes, consisting of 5-7-7 or 5-7-5 syllable structures. It differs from a similar mondo in that it is not a collaborative work, but instead a poem by a single poet.


The breeze took over

as my hair swayed in the open-

the feel of nature took over;

My body felt fresh-

just like a sweet flowing stream,

as I watched the setting sun.


As blood flows down her

my veins throb with pain. I wish

I could have saved her- my love.

My country fell flat

at the feet of murderers,

Tears for her took my last breath.

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