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Storybooks- Why Should Children Read Them? | Blog by Ayush, 13, Mysore

Story- books and school times? 13-year- old Ayush from Mysore writes an essay about why he thinks reading is good for children.

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Children should read story- books because it enhances their creativity and imagination. They should be introduced to books between the ages of six months and two years. At the age of three, children should be taught to read very short story-books. When children are in kindergarten they should read books of about twenty to seventy- five pages. By first or second grade, they should be reading chapter books. And finally when they are in fourth or fifth grade, they should be able to read graphic novels. This journey from picture books to graphic novels cannot happen without the help of the child’s family members. A child should read at least fifty books before turning twelve years old, and most children love reading story- books. Even reading once a week is not a bad target.

If the question is, should we replace story- books with school text books? In that case, my answer would be no because some children think that reading school textbooks are boring so they won’t be interested in reading and will get demotivated. What about reading only non-fiction books instead of story- books? No, according to me there should be a fine balance between fiction and non-fiction. Story- books provide enjoyment and fun. Yes, sometimes even non-fictional books have the same effect on people, but not always. Non- fiction books have fewer or no imaginative characters and suspense, and are mostly about animals, science, space etc. But in story- books there are a variety of imaginative characters like dragons, kings, wizards etc. So I believe a balance between the two is always best, and that’s why I think children should read story-books.

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