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How Colours Spread to Our World |Poem by Praaptie,12,Bhubaneswar

Do you think colours have stories of their own? 12-year-old Praaptie from Bhubhaneswar writes such a creative poem about different colours came into being.

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How Colours Spread to Our World

Yellow, blue, green and red-

Each colour is unique, and

a story lies within every shade.

Shivering with cold, Mr Yellow bumped into the hot sun;

Both became best pals and together, had lots of fun!

Strolling in the garden, Miss Red met a lovely flower in a smiling pose

She gently touched her petals,

and Red became the colour of rose!

Lightning Auntie struck so hard

that poor Mr Sky was torn apart.

Doctor Blue stitched him up, and

the sky became blue!

Mr Green found the trees

so calm and serene,

He lovingly embraced them

and the trees became green!

On the canvas of life

We are creative artists.

Let’s splash the colours evenly

and make our own masterpiece!

The colours of life are full of sparks,

Sometimes bright and sometimes dark.

Let’s embrace all the colours

and enjoy each shade;

like the vibrant colors of the rainbow,

they will never fade.

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