Kia Anand

13 Years

Ohana School


Money & Nature | Sedoka poem by Kia, 13, Bangalore

Like experimental poetry with metre and form? 13-year-old Kia from Bangalore writes powerfully evocative sedoka poetry; read on to know more!

Financial freedom - Learning to save money

The sedoka is a Japanese poem form inspired by the traditions of the katuata and mondo. Structurally each verse is similar to a haiku, at least to western eyes, consisting of 5-7-7 or 5-7-5 syllable structures. It differs from a similar mondo in that it is not a collaborative work, but instead a poem by a single poet.


Shining silver and

glowing gold, scattered around

without a care on the floor;


Without any money

on the bare cold streets,

Poverty reigns eternal.



Fresh and clear with dreams,

A fast flowing mountain stream

slowly- gathers love and pain.


Down in the warm plains,

contaminated slowly:

grey water and lost stories.

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