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Rishabh Baheti

13 Years



In Festive Spirit, We Find.. | Poem by Rishabh,13,Surat

Are festivals meaningful to you? 13 year-old Rishabh Baheti from Surat writes about festivals as days which rejuvenate our lives.

Festivals with Sara Diwali Rangoli Bookosmia

Gather round and let us sing,
Of the joy that festivals bring,
Of the colors, lights, and sounds,
And the cheer that fills the grounds.

For festivals are a time to share,
To come together, to show we care,
To revel in traditions old,
And weave a tapestry of gold.

From Diwali to Christmas Day,
From Hanukkah to Eid al-Fitr,
From the solstice to the harvest fray,
Festivals unite, they never deter.

The sweet aroma of baking pies,
The echoing trills of children’s cries,
The warm embrace of friends and kin,
And happy hearts that beat within.

The music that fills the air,
The dancing feet without a care,
The glittering stars that shine above,
Fixed symbols of faith and love.

For festivals are more than just days,
They’re the memories that never fade,
The stories that we pass along,
The traditions that make us strong.

So let us cherish these special times,
And celebrate with laughter and chimes,
For in such a festive spirit we find,
A joy that heals both heart and mind.

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